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Eugenie York Has Some Royally Wonky Tits of the Day

The thing I like about the Royal Family is that they are all heavily inbred, but because they are rich as hell, no one seems to care. Meanwhile, when I was watching some Jerry Springer type show 10 years ago, everyone freaked the fuck out about this redneck who was banging his cousin and trying to get the laws changed so that he could marry her. It’s just another example of the rich being allowed to do whatever they want, while the poor get ostracized for fucking their family members. The world is unfair…..

Either way, her name is Eugenie York, she is Prince Harry and William’s cousin, making her the Queen’s granddaughter.

These pics came with an email….

she’s got it bad for some guy named Hugo but he’s so into um girls who don’t have such wonky boobs haha. he’s a total player. she follows him around like a puppy.
a few months ago she and her friends got completely wasted and ran around her school naked.  she goes to boarding school and it was all over the papers here. that’s about all i know about her.

She’s not hot, but she’s from a privileged family, so that pretty much means that she thinks she is, so despite these pics not being very scandalous, I am posting them anyway, because I have a thing for girls who own underwear worth more than me, that’s pretty much why I am down with all girls, because this motherfucker’s got 10 dollars to his name and most girls wear underwear more expensive than that, so I guess I am just posting it because I like all girls rich, royal or addicted to crack sucking dick in alleys, let’s just hope my source gets some of this slag getting in trouble you can masturbate to….in the meantime, here are her pics….

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