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Eva Downey is Pretty Alright for Cosmo Australia of the Day

I am pretty hooked on Australian models right now….her name is Eva Downey, she’s in a bikini and I’ve never heard of her…but google tells me that she’s from New Zealand and Australia…she’s tall, she’s skinny and like all girls in my Australian fantasy, she’s probably into having fun, hard drinking and raging out like she’s not hot at all….you know sloppy like a fat girl at 4 in the morning looking for a dick to suck…but not a fat girl at all….but a model…from Australia…who just likes to have fun…

Maybe I’m wrong about Australia…and maybe the women are as leathery as the crocodiles Dundee hunts, but as far as I’m concerned they are beach living, blonde and better than my wife…which is not saying much but it is all I really need.

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