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Clara Gatonovich & Eva Gato in Hipster Titty Shoot of the Day

Clara Gatonovich & Eva Gato in Hipster Titty Shoot

Here’s some Spanish model named Clara Gatonovich and her friend Eva Gato…also Spanish..and I guess a model..and I use the word model pretty loosely because everyone’s a fucking model now, it’s weird…

I get it, she’s a person who is posing like an asshole on camera…sometimes posing her asshole on camera…..in fact they both are…but that’s not saying much since everyone wants that life…

There are so many of them doing this, that its not even worth paying attention, it’s impossible to keep track, and easiest to just assume that anything with a pussy thinks she’s a model..

Is it ego, is it over confidence, is it hope she’s going to never have to work…who knows…but then they bust out their tits, and it makes it all worth paying attention to…even when they are EURO and their tits are their bikini tops.

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