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Eva Longoria Bikini Ass of the Day

The funny thing about Tattoos that I don’t think people realize when they are getting tattoos is that they are date specific. It’s like they are usually on trend when these people get them, because as you know tattoos are trendy, and fast forward a decade and you can see exactly what era they are from, and in turn you can usually accurately guess the age of the botox face that’s trying to trick you…like this Eva Longoria character who I like to hate on because she’s Mexican, and as a half Mexican with mommy issues directed at my Mexican mom, I have no choice…but also because she’s the kind of Mexican who pretends she’s not Mexican and hires Mexican staff like a white girl, to boss around like a white girl, until it comes to casting a Mexican for a movie, something she’s probably craving to do, in which case she’ll bring the fucking Mexican, like she is Halle Berry playing the black girl, winning Oscars and shit, despite being barely talented, not that acting requires talent, but really just delusion that makes you not feel humiliated in situations you should be humiliated in…

That said, she’s still got a good ass for a 40 year old….and I guess that counts for something…considering all it has been through…from NBA penis to god knows what else…it looks like it has survived…shitty tattoos and all…


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