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Eva Padberg Topless in German Cosmo’s Sex and Art Issue of the Day

Germans are pretty hard people….at least the German’s I have met…They are known for inventing scat and are leaders in Dominatrix, S & M and pretty much all things angry and fucked up in sex porn. Maybe it is because this is a nation of people who mass slaughtered millions of people just 65 years ago, making the fact that they like some violence in their fuck almost expected…no matter how hard you want to pretend shit was an accident, or didn’t happen, or isn’t representative of Germany…it is still enough proof for me to say that Germans are into some pretty fucked up shit…

That said, German Cosmo did an S & M themed shoot and it was alright by me, not cuz I am into S&M, but I am into fashion turned into porn, mainly because I get to see bitches like this show off their tits….when they otherwise wouldn’t….

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