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Eva Staudinger Naked of the Day

Eva Staudinger Naked

In the event you were wondering who this slut Eva Staudinger is….

You can ask one of her agents because she’s a legit model – just look at her IG bio which states that she’s repped by: @modelwerk @silentmodelsny @twomanagement @thefaceparis @wilhelminamodels @sightmanagement @chadwickmodels

7 fucking agencies….more than 7 fucking agents….yet she’s still 1 barely known, barely relevant models….

Thank god she’s taking things into her own hands and getting naked because that’s her best shot…if anything she’s just a lesson in model agencies being an outdated concept that means nothing….real models just charge for premium snap chats of their cunts…

I know what you’re thinking, how dare I refer to an EMPOWERED model trying to get ahead by getting naked as a slut, but where I am from…getting naked to get ahead…or really to get anything is the DEFINITION of slut…so I’m just here stating FACTS…

NOT TO MENTION…I love sluts, without them, I’d be a virgin jerking off to weird things like ankles or wrists cuz it’s the only skin I’d get to see if sluts didn’t exist as a species of woman…so calling a slut a slut isn’t a negative….you know..


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