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Evelyn Lozada Ridiculous Fake Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Life lesson of the day is that just cuz you have big fake tits doesn’t mean you’re a chick….

I mean some of the biggest cocked trannies have tits far bigger than this bitch…

So when looking at big fucking tits in a bikini….try to scope out the rest of the bitch in question…and ask yourself with a face like that while covering a vital part of determining her gender with a blanket that’s probably strageic….are the chances she was born a man higher than the chances she was born a woman….

In this case…I’m thinking yes….

Its name is Evelyn Lozada and she is on some show about Baseball Player’s wivees….and she’s in a bikini.


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Evelyn Lozada’s Basketball Wife Tits of the Day

I don’t know who this Basketball wife bitch is. Her name is Evelyn Lozada and she’s either Blasian, Blispanic, or some other mixed breed I’ve never heard of….but more importantly, she’s got fake tits…

I didn’t even know there was a show called Basketball Wives. I just saw her pictures in the paparazzi for the firsqt time, and figured her trashy fake tits needed people to pay the attention they were clearly crying for…., and upon further research learned that she was the attention whore I expected her to be, it’s just instinctive for me at this point, I recognize off duty stripper outfits like the shit is my pervert sixth sense….

It turns out she’s had naked pics leaked…and everyone knows I love naked pics scandals, even when I have no idea who the bitch is….it’s just such basic whore behvior that needs to be celebrated….

Here are some of her nudes….no pussy cuz she has to keep us wanting more….can’t give it all up your first try at this shit…

Here she is getting out of her car in off duty stripper…that first got me to notice her hustle…

Her strategy to be known is working. Next hustle from Kim Kardashians business plan is SEX TAPE….not that I fucking care.

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