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I am – Nicole Richie Hiking to Stay Fit of the Day


Here are some Nicole Richie staying fit by Hiking in Hollywood in spandex, showing off her nasty non existent ass that I’d probably stick my dick in if I could get it up, but only because it would probably look pretty big for the first time in my life. It’s part of the reason why I used to only date girls with small hands, I thought that the contrast made me feel like more of a man but that’s not important.

What is important is that nothing screams I am a hippie lesbian who eats granola and doesn’t shave her box like a girl who hikes. They are the kind of bitches in Birkenstock sandals, cargo pants and oversized sweatshirts with some kind of University Name or Country flag embroidered across their thick lesbian chests. They rock no make-up and wear hats to cover their ratty, yet practical hair and on the back of their hiking bags they’ve got all kinds of water bottles and camping gear, I guess in case they come across some kind of hill, mountain or wooded area that needs to be conquered.

Here are those Nicole Richie Pics, I guess the shocking news is that the heat and activity didn’t kill her, sometimes when answering emails too quickly I get hot flashes and my heart starts going insane…maybe no eating is the key to healthy living….

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