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Extreme Home Makeover Goes Too Far of the Day

I saw this preview for Extreme Home Makeover the other day, and it made me laugh. This show is known for taking people’s sob stories are really milking the shit out of them, to get the sympathy views, or people who want to sit around and cry at how moving ABC is because they make these half million dollar houses for these families, while Ty makes half a million dollars an episode, and ABC makes millions of dollars an episode through advertisers all while most of the work and materials, furniture, appliances and accessories are donated by the companies who make them because they like the product placement plug and because the sob story sells, only this week they took it one step farther, by not just building a home for a sob story, but to have it built by a bunch of sob story.

The preview I saw had some guy with no legs manning a back ho and some dude on crutches running the project and i thought they took shit pretty much as far as they could, because like porn, eventually you get de-sensitized to standard missionary position sob stories and the less of an impact they have on your emotions, and I guess the only way to keep things extreme is to throw in handicapped people to build the houses. The whole thing is crazy, but I don’t really see how they’ll ever top this one off…..

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