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Fabiana Semprebom Vix Swimwear Catalog Pics of the Day

Fabiana Semprebom is some Brazilian model, who I’ve never heard of, who like so many other Brazilians before her, may have a penis…no wait…who like so many other Brazilian models before her, has been recruited by Victoria’s Secret, but unlike so many other Brazilian models before her, they used her once and never bothered with her again…and now at 29…she’s still working…doing very important campaigns like this one for VIX Swimwear, which is practically Victoria’s Secret…I mean they both do bikinis and are start with the letter V….

Speaking of V…I wonder how much of an inny or outty her V is…because thanks to photoshop I can’t tell if she’s got testicles…but I can tell that bikini catalog pics fucking suck.

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Fabiana Semprebom in a Bikini of the Day

Fabiana Semprebom is some Brazilian model and she’s in some catalog shots for some bikini company – wearing a bikini – shocking.

She walked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2010, as they like to import their pussy from Brazil, since it is better than the other main Brazilian export, Tranny Aids.

She never got the gig as an Angel, so at 28, she’ll never be the next Lima or Gisele, but at least she’s getting work in equally inspiring pics…like these, because a life without Fabiana Semprebom, is a life not worth living, even if I only heard about her yesterday. I just can’t go back to that life.

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