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Fabienne Hagedorn Topless Model for Kesler Tran of the Day

Fabienne Hagedorn is a model that’ I’ve never heard of, but she is actually signed, she actually gets work, so don’t confuse her for some instagram model, because I know, according to instagram studies, 97% of all girls on Instagram are models, they are just waiting for their big campaign, that they assume will come when they hit 100,000 followers, and it probably will, because the world is lazy and companies just run after people they think people care about, even if those people are garbage…

It’s a vain world, where everyone is self obsessed, maybe even disgusting, but as long as stars like Fabienne Hagedorn break through the noise, because she has real fucking talent, and by talent I mean a hot fucking body, I figure who cares, let it happen, we’re all gonna die anyway, and everything is a scam, at least now the scam goes back to the people…even if the people are idiots…

Either way, real model, real tits, trying to get ahead….we like.

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