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Brian Twiname is the Facebook Friend of the Day

I’ve decided it’s time to start building a community amongst the 5 of us who read this site, and in order to build a community we need to get to know each other….NEW FEATURE – FACEBOOK FRIEND OF THE DAY…

So I’d like everyone to meet Brian.

He sent me a message saying:

Hey Jesus, DS is getting a lttle stale lately time to notch it up a bit eh!

So I responded by saying:

you’re plastic pussy you’ve been fucking is getting a little stale you twat. Time to wash her off…

Cuz there’s no way a loser, failure of a human like that is getting real pussy, I mean shit, dude’s pushing 50, shouldn’t he not be rocking facebook messages to dudes with a stale website….Shouldn’t he be golfing or working on his basement or walking through how his lonely failed ass is gonna kill himself before filing for bankruptcy while eating TV dinners….

I think Brian needs more than 41 Facebook friends… ADD HIM

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