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Faith Picozzi for Tamara Lichtenstein of the Day

Her name is FAITH PICOZZI ….I used to talk to her…but then she gave up on our love as all girls I talk to do within the first 4 minutes of talking to me…after I verbally and mentally rape them with my charm….but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love her and her amazing and beautiful redheaded body…that I think should be famous and that I am suprised is not famous…after being in the scene for what must be 5 years…

That said, I am in love with her and these pics by Tamara Lichtenstein are’t bad.

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Faith Picozzi By Luke Pearsall of the Day

Her name is FAITH PICOZZI …I’ve posted her Ma href=”http://drunkenstepfather.com/2013/09/10/faith-picozi-naked-for-lotus-josephine-of-the-day#.U6sC_Kj2qzM” target=”_blank”> NIPPLES BEFORE …

I think there was a time she humoured me on instagram, when I would write insane things about having faith, or believing in faith, or you gotta have faith, you see cuz her name is faith and I figured it just made fucking sense, I am two dimensional like that…my jokes aren’t funny and that is probably why she didn’t insist on meeting me and sitting on my face for 3 or for days…because she’s a hot redhead and I’ve never had a redhead, but I want one, and it might as well be one like Faith, and not the weirdo one missing a toe I went to high school with who made me sick me my stomach every time I looked at them because they looked like a scummy hand after they just ate cheetos…and I found it repulsive..

But Faith…is a good one…and good ones are rare….

These pics are by photographer named LUKE PEARSALL

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Faith Picozzi Naked for Lotus Josephine of the Day

I used to fuck with Faith Picozzi on the internet, but not in a traditional sense of “Fuck With”…but in a new generation “fuck with”…because I’m old as fuck, but the girls I try to have sex with or at least eat out by feeding them false promises are not…so I gotta get down with their slang…by fuck with Faith Picozzi I mean I flirt with her with random bullshit about having faith…and wanting faith…and needing faith as long as it is a hot enough nude model making moves…by getting naked…I am a fan.

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