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Some Vanessa Hudgens Fake Love of the Day

Dating a gay dude isn’t all that fuckin’ bad for a girl. It’s like the closest thing to lesbianism they can get without actually admitting that they like pussy. They always have someone to shop with, to talk about boys with and to get their hair, make-up and spa treatments with. The only problem with dating a gay dude is that they are generally scared of pussy or disgusted by pussy and having a pussy running around naked in front of them doesn’t turn them into rabid beasts ready to rape the bitch if she resists your love-making offerings. Leaving Vanessa Hudgens feeling lonely enough to take naked pics of herself for some guy she met online because she needs some kind of sexual satisfaction that won’t damage her career and the future of High School Musical because the kids rely heavily on this fabricated relationship.

The good news is that in living the lie for Disney they can always introduce straight dudes into their bedroom that Zac Effron can seduce in the heat of the moment to get some dick in his mouth as he and Hudgens give a double blowjob. Bi-Sexual porn may confuse me, but it seems to be more popular than ever as everyone becomes bi-sexual and if it’s all for keeping up appearances out of fear of losing a well paying job that will lead to spending all their hard earned High School Musical money because the paycheck stops and no one wants to hire useless punks, then it makes total sense.

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