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Jaimie Hilfiger Does Some Rollerblading of the Day

Here’s Tommy Hilfiger’s neice who thinks she’s hotter than she is, but should realize that if her uncle, a billionaire in the fashion industry, can’t get her a modeling contract and she has to resort to having a ModelMayhem page to get work, or show off her sleazy trashy pictures she’s paid to have taken of her, she should probably consider another career….like working at a movie theater or something, because shit, at least there you’ll get to see all the movies you want for free, instead of doing low level modeling work you have no right doing for free….

I’m not sure what’s going in these rollerblading pictures, I’m also not sure why people bothered taking pictures of her, I can only assume these were staged and her family paid to release them, because that’s all it takes to lay groundwork of being a low-level celebrity, you know get the buzz out there so people know you exist before releasing the sex tape with some rapper.

She’s totally uninteresting, she’s not hot, but I have no problem making her as famous as I can, all she has to do is email me some pictures of her pussy. It’s just that easy….and I know it’ll happen when this delusional bitch who has been told too many fake positive things about herself realizes her friends and family were lying to her when they used to tell her how pretty she is to make up for the fact that she’s a fucking midget.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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