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Lying Bitch of the Day

Girls are fucking evil. This is a video of some girl who lied about getting gang raped by some guy who actually got sent to prison over her lie, because she was just some fucking crazy bitch who was probably rejected by dude, and who realized that girls are always the one people beleive in domestic abuse and rape accusations….I know this first hand, because a ten years ago, I had a homeless girl from out of town who I was fucking sleep over after getting wasted. She got naked crawled on top of me, we both pass out and next thing you know I wake up and my dick is inside her, I figure it’s not a big deal, and tell her the next day how she passed out on me naked and I woke up and my dick was in her, and bitch loses it, calls me a rapist, calls the police and all this shit over nothing cuz she was just fucking crazy. She was saying I took advantage of her when she was sleeping and all these fucking headaches came out of it….so watch out who you fuck with…girls tend to be insane….

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