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The Old Timer Famewhores of the Day


If you’re wondering what Phoebe Price – Ana Braga – Fenchy Morgan – are up to…you’re in luck…we got you covered – because I know I always am excited to see their antics…

The 40-50 year old original tabloid surfers, who managed to get into the tabloids for being outrageous and shameless and willing to do whatever it takes – even as they get older and older, weirder and weirder, melting into their golden years….and they still fucking bring it…and thank god for that…without the pre-instagram…pre internet even – girls who are fueled by getting featured on the last page of the National Enquirer like it matters….we would be less

I’m friendly with 2 of the 3 girls – and support all they do…I just find it fun, lighthearted, harmless, despite being weird as fuck…but in a way they are like circus clowns mocking celebrity…and that alone is everything..

The other thing that’s everything is that 2 of the 3 girls text me – and they are always in fights with each other…some days I get Frency Morgan stories from Phoebe…and today they are riding some scooter together -straight into obscurity….then I get Ana Braga love and hate and it’s all so hard to keep up with – but luckily the paparazzi are there to document it…I am old. This is familiar. This is home…

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