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Famke Janssen Tight 50 Year Old Body of the Day

Here’s almost 50 year old Bond Girl who you virgin losers probably know from X-Men rocking a pretty tight body despite being 46 years old. Her name is Fame Janssen and she’s at an event, who fucking cares, I mean seriously. Is this relevant information to anyone’s life…I figure that except for maybe one weird virgin loser, who think she’s his wife and has her face tattoooed on his arm, and screen printed on his bedsheets, no on else knows who the fuck she is…and she’s not in a bikini, showing tits, but she is skinny, and as far as I am concerned, a skinny 46 year old is always better than a fat 20 year old…because skinny 46 year olds are rare…. you know with all their baby weight and potato chip eating, decades of built up…..not to mention all the years of sexual experience….and the knowledge of their vagina drying up soon, makes the last hurrah pretty rockin’ if you’re on the receiving end.

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