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Haylie Duff Still Has a Horse Head of the Day

If you’ve been wondering about what Haylie Duff’s been up to and god fucking knows why you would be wondering anything like that, because she’s just Hilary Duff’s ugly latch-on older sister, who hasn’t done much and if she has even done anything, it’s all been handouts from her successful human lookin’ sister.

I guess the funny thing in all this is that Haylie doesn’t really know her place in the world, it’s like the older sister is supposed to be the one guiding the younger one, that is how nature wanted it to be, and there’s that cloud lurking over her head knowing that she isn’t as pretty, talented, smart as her little sister, and has to be reminded everyday that her parents got it right the second time around, and that she was just batting practice that should have ended up on the abortion clinic floor.

So I hear whenever these thoughts take over, she heads out to the stable to visit the only thing she can really relate to because her family let her down, but her horses are always there to remind her of where she came from.

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