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Shitty Fashion Film with Tits of the Day

I don’t know what these garbage is, but I do know it’s a desperate excuse to get people to notice whatever they are trying to promote…I also like any excuse that gets people naked and in shower is good enough for me to watch…maybe because I am bored of porn, desensitized enough to focus on not so sexual things, so that I can still get off and not become a risk to society like the other veteran chronic masturbators following you home, hiding in your basement, installing video cameras at your gym locker room, or stealing panties from teh Laundromat…..

So if you can put up with some played out art fag bullshit in black and white…cuz that makes it so visually intriguing or some shit…that I just see as trying too hard and lame…you may see some tit….

Whoever this company is, they should be paying me for the exposure…or maybe their cheap and obvious tactic actually worked for them.

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