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Some Beth Ditto and Fatter than Ever for the Perverts of the Day

This bitch can’t live forever, she’s too fat. So take in this sexy while you still can. Look at the way she opens her mouth trying to eat the mic because she’s got an eating disorder that makes her eat everything in fucking sight, or look and her legs that are so malleable that you can easily make a vagina in her cellulite fat welts. See I’ve got a fat wife, pretty much this fat and there’s nothing hot about the shit, but for some reason some people dig this fat chick thing, maybe cuz they can’t run, maybe cuz they’re like a bouncy castle you see at community events, maybe its because they are a limited commitment because they will die sooner than later, but I think the whole thing is sick, even though I’m morbidly obese on paper, but that’s more socially acceptable, since I have a penis….something I’d be scared to see Beth Ditto getting….

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