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Female Body Builder Friday of the Day

Female Body Builder Friday is a new feature that I hope is the last fucking time I do this feature because Female Body Builders are terrifying….all filled with testosterone, which used to be referred to as the male sex hormone, but since men no longer exist, it’s just some shit that makes bitch look the way closeted gay dudes like their women.

When I was about 10-12 years old, I was a fat kid in a little league and the coach was this dude with a Moustache so you know he probably diddled kids, only he never diddled me, because I guess I wasn’t good enough to get diddled, in what may have been the first rejection I ever experienced, not that I wanted to be diddled, but it’d be nice to at least be offered to know I was worthy….

But yeah, the one thing that he said to me that I’ll never forget, because I was 10-12 years old was “Female Body Builders have clits the size of a man’s thumb”…while holding out his thumb….I had no idea what a clit was at 10-12 years old…most men don’t know what a clit is as adults…but I knew they had clits the size of a men’s thumb…so going through these horrible pics…that’s what I was looking out for…Coach didn’t lie…



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