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Fearne Cotton is on a Bikini for a The Radio of the Day

British pussy Fearne Cotton, who I have never heard of, but reminds me of a garden, got into a bikini for Charity…

I guess the BBC is taking the Howard Stern route, you getting bitches half naked on the radio, for people at home to masturbate to guys talking about how hot it is, only instead of doing it for fame, they are doing it for charity…which I guess makes this bitch less of a whore, cuz she’s exploiting her body for other people’s gain and not her own…this is like classic pimp shit, only her pimp is helping…and really when you’re in a bikini, you’re always a whore worth lookin’ at…Not that being in a bathing suit really makes you a whore, or even slutty, cuz some of the most wholesome chicks like to swim, but I guess it is all about the context, you know if she was on a beach or a public pool it’d be fine, but cuz she’s in a radio studio with perverts gawking and acting overly excited to keep the listeners happy about it, it makes it slutty…

She’s not that hot. Her ass dumpy, but I’m posting it anyway, she’s got prison tattoos, but she’s in a bikini and bikini news is my kind of news…


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Fearne Cotton Has a Weak Upskirt for the Environment of the Day

Here’s some Earth Kicking Lesbian in her billy boots, because the Earth Kick’s Ass and she’s ready to take out polluters and people who don’t recycle and haven’t gone Green like the rest of the bandwagon riders. Her name is Fearne Cotton, you’ve probably never heard of her, but she hosts Top of the Pops in the UK a country that you probably couldn’t identify on a map because it is a proven fact that Americans don’t understand maps.

Either way, whatever this promo shoot is for, the message isn’t getting to me because I am too busy trying to see if she’s got a Earth Kicking Lesbian bush under her skirt or maybe I’ll be able to make out the definition of her menstrual cup but what I guess it comes down to is that she’s trying to manipulate us to her cause by using her pussy. That slut.

Her shit may not inspire me to conserve energy, recycle but I will shit in a bucket and use newspaper to wipe my ass to conserve water and trees, but that’s just because I am weird and not because I want to save the world like some self-righteous celebrity who think she’s a super hero that thinks she is important enough to have and use her voice for good because the people…her fans… will listen to her and that’s just another reason why I don’t think the world’s worth saving and I am kinda excited to see if real natural disasters are like they are in WIll Smith movies….

Either way, as long a chick is flashing for her cause, not matter how lame the flash or the cause is, I’m willing to give her a couple minutes of time to give me her pitch because it’s a nice change from those other activists who are all man haters and left their vagina and sexuality behind when they took on this new lifestyle that demands change….

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