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“Refried Bean” Swastikas for Racist Arizona Policies of the Day

I am sure you all have already heard about this new Arizona Law where they can ask you for your papers if you’re a Mexican. Pretty fucking racist and against the American way, but it’s also the American way…if you’re white you’re good and if you’re not, you’ve gotta be sorted out. All the media outlets have made jokes about the shit and I am not gonna bother cuz I live in Canada and don’t care, but I will say that I do appreciate the “refried bean” art that people are putting up to show their anger…I used to make “refried bean” art every day for 3 months on an ex-girlfriend’s front door, only my “refried bean” art was made with human shit instead of “refried beans”….cuz Fecal art is a beautiful thing if you’re crazy and not the one forced to clean the shit off….

Either way, stupid law for stupid people…Go USA.

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