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Miss Pole Dance World 2009’s Encore Performance of the Day

I remember when pole dancing was a secret skill girls had from working to pay for college, their single mother lives, their love addiction. It was a mainstage dance the girls used to lure you into the private dance where they make the real money and it always involved them getting naked. It wasn’t this mainstream phenomenon where housewives were rockin’ a pole to stay fit and connect with a new dimension of their sexuality because married life sucks. It wasn’t this novelty act where girls who don’t strip or have never stripped get up on the pole in front of crowds of people in a mainstream venue to win competitions, when they don’t really have the essence or core of what it takes to be a real pole dancer, you know the struggle it took to really master the pole the real fuckin’ way, not in the pole dance studio after of life in gymnastics way, I’m talking smoke filled bars, creepy old grabby men and me, to pressure your already broken soul to try harder to make enough money to pay the piper.

So this candy coated shit that took place in Hedonism Jamaica crowde this Felix Cane from Australia as the winner and if you scroll to 2:05 you’ll see why, but I can’t really accept this as a fair comeptition because the real competitors are busy in their hometowns catchin’ STDs off the brass pole. Motherfuckers.

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