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Fernanda Romero is the Kind of Mexican I Wanna Eat of the Day

Being a Taco face named Jesus Martinez, born in Mexico to a thick Mayan looking prostitute mother, all neckless with a great ability to suck white cock enough to get pregnant with me…..I feel it s my duty to my country that I have not lived in since I was 5, when some crazy religious people took me away from the orphanage I was in after my mom died of AIDS….it is my service to the Mexican people,to showcase one Mexican worth fucking at least once every 6 months, becasue Mexico, despite popular belief is not all Donkey and Tortilla, drug lords and vacation resorts, but a thriving city filled with prime pussy, that normally have shitty Mexican tits, but that sometimes look like this…..Fernanda Romero……actress and model I wanna guacamole….

Here’s a Bonus Funnny Typical Cliche Fact about Fernanda via wikipedia:

In 2010, Romero was arrested on charges of immigration fraud, accused of entering into a sham marriage in order to obtain legal immigrant status. She and her husband, a local pizza deliverer, were arrested in their separate homes, and put on trial, where she was accused of paying her groom $5000 for the marriage. She was found guilty and ordered to serve 30 days in jail.Although such a conviction is generally followed by deportation, as of June 2012, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service had not taken any action to deport Romero.

Here are the pics….

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