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Firefighter Story of the Day

So some bitch decided she wanted to work in a man’s job as a fireman and didn’t like what came with the job….which was a boss who made fun of her period, her saggy tits, simulated masturbating and oral sex with the hose and nicknamed his gentials for her…so she did what any useless cunt who can’t take a joke and who figures she might as well ruin a motherfucker’s life while getting herself some kind of settlement so she can retire and ratted him out….

Firemen live in a fucking firehouse for 5 days at a time. They spend 24 hours a day showering together, sleeping together, eating together, working out together and the second you throw pussy in the mix, downtime obviously becomes about the pussy. It’s like that in any aspect of life….if you’re sitting on your couch doing nothing and a bitch walks in, you’re gonna try to bang her or at least talk dirty to her…..

So she wanted that life, signed up for that life and turned her back on a brotherhood that goes back generations of brave dudes who save each other’s lives while saving our lives on the daily….and I say that her other co-workers should show her what sexual harrasment charges does to their bond while letting her burn up in the next local fire….

I hate uptight twats more than I hate myself…..

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