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Keri Russell Has Not Tits of the Day

Remember Felicity? Either do I. I mean I am not against ginger haired girls and their bright red colored pussies, but I was never into this boring slut. I remember meeting a group of board game playing guys at a bar once who were all up on this bitch. I got to talking to them because I figured playing board games in bars on a Friday night was worse that being the guy hanging at a place where people play board games, and while playing Risk, they were fighting with each other about which one of them they thought Felicity would go for and I figured it would be entertaining to chime in. So here are these fucking losers, throwing out all their strengths and shooting down each other and I was having the time of my life witnessing it, because I am the kind of guy who knows nothing about board games or the people who play them because I find them embarrassing as shit….but not as embarrassing as debating whether Keri Russell would go for you or not and having a totally logical reasoning as to why should would. It was fucked, but not as fucked as her non-existant tits.

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