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Rapping Flight Attendant of the Day

Southwest is known for being one of the classiest airlines around, you know one built for fuckin’ stars traveling from Orlando to Reno to sell vaccuum cleaners or some shit. I don’t fly, so I don’t fuckin’ know the fuckin deal, I just like to hate on everything, especially other poor people on a budget who aren’t as poor as me.

This is a video of their Stewardess doing some kind of song and dance rap to get people’s attention and since I hate summer camp and all group activity, except swingers clubs, orgies and teenage girl sport team locker rooms, I find this fucking annoying and the last fuckin shit I’d want to hear while preparing for my life to end.

At least he’s having a good time at work, but if I was his boss and one of my people were making a fool of my company like that, his ass would be fired, no matter how many asshole passengers felt his sound.

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