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Florence Brudenell-Bruce Modeling of the Day

Florence Brudenell-Bruce is Prince Harry’s vagina that he’s fucking….making her pussy a McRoyal sandwich.

The thing I find fascinating about her, and by fascinating, I mean expected and obvious, is that she’s some rich kid who wants her beauty validated through modeling, so she went out and did a series of lingerie shoots by choice and not for money, in efforts to get work…. HERE’S ONE OF THOSE LINGERIE PICS ….

See I love rich, vain bitches who think they are prettier than they are, or at least pretty enough, but now that she’s getting in the paparazzi cuz of the high profile dick she puts inside her, she’s getting paid modeling work, and like so many rich, vain bitches before her, it’s all working out…and I find it highly erotic…She’s some hotness…even if she comes with some serious cunt behavior…

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Prince Harry’s Pussy Showing Some Bra of the Day

Florence Brudenell-Bruce is fucking Prince Harry cuz she’s obviously from some upper crust of society that allows her to hang with Royalty…but more importantly that allows her to not bother with a real job so that she can focus on her attempt to be a public figure, you know whether it’s who she allows in her socialite pussy, or more importantly for being a hot lingerie model that she aspires to be…but that she hasn’t landed a modeling contract for yet….

I’m sure you’ve met girls like this…you know so eager to be models, that they become amateur lingerie models which means they hire, or work with photographers who need models, get into their underwear and take pics of themselves that they can submit to their modeling agencies….in some bottom feeding, hungry for attention, lucky she’s rich and will probably get what she’s looking for cuz modeling agencies will sign anyone who fucks the Prince and make them the next it girl…It’s just that easy…True story….and I”m in love with this high society bottom feeding….

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Some Prince Harry Fanny of the Day

Prince Harry, the one who will never be king unless he kills off his brother has sex with this….

Her name is Florence Brudennell-Bruce and she’s an amateur lingerie model you know, the kind of bitch who hires her own photographers and stages her own photoshoots, which is something I always love…cuz it takes a certain kind of bitch who spends her own money on getting on camera half naked….you know in hopes of one day getting paid to do it….cuz that’s even sluttier and more pathetic than bitches who just take pics of herself…and that’s what makes amateur models. the ones eager to get noticed and real work….pretty fucking awesome….especially when they manage to lock down royalty with their pussies….not that royalty is notorious for fucking hot bitches…if anything they are notorious for being inbred closet cases….but it’s still an accomplishment that will lead to the good life…which is some smart fucking hustle…you know in the event her joke of a model career doesn’t work out of her…

All this to say, I’d love to fuck her…

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I want to Have Sex With Prince Harry’s Vagina of the Day

The title sounds gayer than it is! I’m not talking his man pussy….I’m talking the pussy he fucks…

Her name is Florence Brudenell-Bruce, I want to have sex with her. I’ve never heard of her before buy apparently she is having a sexual affair with Prince Harry…from the Royal Family….Who’s brother just got married to a Middleton…in the event you don’t keep up to speed on Royal Family gossip…which I sure as hell hope you don’t cuz that’d just be a really fucking weird hobby to have….

Here she is in her panties…..for some modeling I assume she does…or is trying to do by staging her own shoots cuz she thinks highly of herself and wants the societal stamp of approval other bikini models have that they are legit hot..but she’s not a real bikini or lingerie model…she’s just a rich kid with a 5,000,000 dollar apartment who wants to be a model…and has the connections to make herself out to be one…It’s happened before with average looking girls from money…and it will happen again…cuz girls who don’t have money have to fucking get jobs…and I’ve never seen a problem with any girl rich or poor, model or not getting half naked…no problem at all…

Part of me misses his ex, Chelsy Davy…but probably not as much as she misses the meal ticket that she had lined up for her….I just miss her cuz I HAD ACCESS TO HER FACEBOOK PICTURES FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME AND GOT PICS OF HER BEATING A FISH IN HER BIKINI ….

But there’s always time to get to know Flo, and there’s something special about someone named after something people call their period…It’s hot and stinks of fertility, youthfulness, feminity and anal sex for the week…If you know what I mean…

All this to say…I need more ass shots of her….

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