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Don’t Get a Flu Shot of the Day

This is some fucked up shit…..I’ve been hearing that you should not get a flu shot cuz it will fuck you up and I’m not sure if this girl is scamming us because she realized she was never going to make it as a cheerleader or celebrity and figured this was a good alternative plan to get fame, or maybe it’s got to do with her dad or husband working for the competition of the company who got the Swine Flu vaccine contract, so she’s trying to scare the fuck out of everyone to not get the shot putting them out of business, but I’m not about to take the fucking chance.

I don’t like medication as is, mainly because I think it is the government secretly tracking me or controlling, it’s a paranoia issue that they’ve told me I should be medicated for, but that doesn’t working for me, since I think medication is the government’s way of controlling me, so I just stick to street drugs…..

I prefer just getting the random diseases and trying to survive or giving up like a normal fuckin’ person….either way, this video will make you not make you want the flu shot, but may turn you on, except for the horrible fact that bitch can still run, a skill you never look for in handicapped girls you rape.

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