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Anastasia Terrasova and Amandine Maugy Naked in Some Immigrant Movie of the Day

For those of you who don’t know – DrunkenStepfather is a culturally stimulating experience, almost like a sociology or film class at the University level, where we really dig in and find clips from movies or TV in other countries, you know to show you what they consider art, and what they consider relevant to put in their media, because I want to expand your mind and really delve into the concept that the world is a big place and has a lot to offer, and by culturally stimulating experience I mean showing you nudity you’d never see cuz foreign films are for art fags, straight up fags, lesbians and annoying people you see in coffee shops who think they are enlightened cuz they talk like a text book reads, you know those cocksucker’s I’m talking about, the ones who over analyze a little too much and think we give a fuck about their intrepretation and observations….

So here’s some Mister Bean lookin’ motherfucker on some nudist resort in some immigrant movie cuz I love fucking nudity and nudists and exhibitionist and unknowing exhibitionist and there’s nudity in it….

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