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Franziska von Tschurtschenthaler Nipples because Her Name is Insane of the Day


I don’t know who Franziska von Tschurtschenthaler, but her last name is legendary..von Tschurtschenthaler…it’s german, like Nazism, but 60 years later..in the form of a hot nipple showing model…

Her career includes big hits like July 2015 Elle Russia cover, and November 2012 Vogue Paris cover, so I guess she’s a legit model in a world of phoneys, even though the world is phoneys and nothing is real thanks to the internet…not to mention, modelng isn’t a real fucking job….

So legit model or not, I am not too sure if she’s a legit surfer, the car is cool and makes me think she may be the real deal, because it’d be impossible to recreate this image without her being a legit surfer, but then again, the surfboard is the number one overused beach prop to make things seem beach / lifestyle cool and so many bitches from Victoria’s Secret down to bootleg magazines…this shit is everywhere, because instagram surf models killed the surf star….

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