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KRS-One Political Rant of the Day

KRS has been known to be intelligent hip hop or whatever the fuck it was called back in the day, I never got into the dude that much because I don’t do the whole music thing, I feel like it pollutes the youth.

Anyway, he’s up on stage and he pretty much says that the Obama shit is just a decision based on emotion, happy the racial barrier is broken, but that shit is just smoke and mirrors. So while people are out chanting Obama’s name, caught up in the excitement of his campaign, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a fuckin’ hero and change the world like the American people are convinced of, even though that opinion is based on absolutely nothing.

It’s kinda boring as fuck, not really something I think you’d be down with, but something I’ve been sayin’ all along, that the government is still the fucking politics and too many people have their hands in running shit, the president is just a figurehead and after the hype fades out, after people realize they voted based on a concept, racism and guilt and false hope and not on an actual agenda and people will see that the system is a corrupt prison where the people get raped every fucking day and a black guy with ideas is not going to be able to change what’s already been started and decided.

It’s worth a listen, he seems like he knows his shit and even if there aren’t any tits, KRS-One is on some whole other prophet shit that will get him assassinated, but offers a cool perspective, since he’s black and from the street.

Here’s another video with some Reverend Saying Barack Obama Was Elected By Mostly Black Racists and Guilty White People On Fox News.

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Kanye West With a New Freestyle Weirdness….of the Day

So Kanye’s on this new kick where he breaks into weird made up song when he’s in concert. This time he goes on some weird ramble about there being other fish in the sea and into some Pinocchio shit..last week in concert he went on some freestyle about being lonely at the top .

It’s like he uses the stage as a platform for his therapy where he runs some beat and sings songs that he throws together off the top of his head that are about as solid and make as much sense as when my wife gets singing in the shower, you know throwing random broken English words together trying to make some kind of song she thinks represent her feelings at the time, because she thinks she could have been famous if she was black, because fat white women get no respect, but fat Black women get careers like Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Star Jones, only she doesn’t realize she’s a talentless hack who should stick to what she’s good at, like eating more Oreos in one sitting than you thought was humanly possible.

Truth is, this dude is like a 5 year old kid who starts in on a made up song as she finger paints, but Kanye thinks he has the right to be heard, because he’s got this fake ego and thinks he is Elvis with some revolution creative artistry because he’s a broken down little white girl with mommy issues, who was coddled and told he was the best growing up and that has given him a whole lot of insecurities, all while trapped in a black man’s body, but people are confused and think that he’s some kind of genius, when in reality, he is just good at marketing his shit and ripping off other people making people think he’s really this talent and this chanting weirdness, like something out of a cult sermon, or a preschool Christmas Pageant makes me feel uncomfortable when seeing it coming out of his mouth, when people bought tickets to hear his Daft Punk/Justice cover song called “Stronger”.

Either way, here’s a 5 Year Old Singing a Made Up Song…Kanye Rippped Off Her Style….

Here’s another set of 5 Year Olds Singing a Made Up Song….Kanye Ripped Them Off Too….

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