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Christian Show Gets Pranked Fresh Prince Style of the Day

Some dude pranks these crazy Christian shows by emailing in the Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme song or story and the bitch reads it because part of being a crazy Christian is being totally fucking ignorant. I don’t understand how these shows are even allowed on TV in any country….I get that people are religious, but keep that shit in your basement, next to your fetish gear and strap on dildos, you hypocritical pieces of shit. Stop polluting our youth with your lies….and remember that Christians are the ones raping little boys the most all while preaching the “Lord’s” gospel to your face. Serious fucking bullshit.

I think these Christian fundamentalists are just money making con artists preying on the weak and insecure and making millions doing it. Evangelists have and always will be scam artists who while telling us we are the devil porn peddlers, are making the handicapped girl in their congregation fist their assholes because they know she can’t tell anyone cuz she’s a retard.

Either way, good fucking prank, I laughed and you probably already saw it. I am slow to the game….

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