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Hot Pussy at the Friends with Benefits Premiere of the Day

I am pretty sure this movie came out a few months ago, but was called No Strings Attached, and instead of starring Mila Kunis, some of the hottest pussy in Hollywood spread in her panties the entire thing talking about getting fucked without emotional attachment or responsiblity, like she’s some kind of whore who can’t afford a dildo and likes cock too much, that is clearly written by an aspirational thinking dude, cuz women only like sex with strings attached, and only do the friends with benefit thing to lead to strings attached, and the meaningless sex they do have is in efforts to piss off the guy they had meaningful sex with who left them and destroyed their self esteem, but they mask as their “whore stage” when really it’s their “sad trying to fill a void in my worthless low self esteem or respect life”….but maybe I’m reading into shit too much….

I wasn’t invited to the premiere cuz movie companies don’t respect me.

But this hot pussy was and luckily I can masturbate to the pictures in anger….

Irina Shayk cuz immigrant model pussy who sex traded herself to this level is usually pretty primo immigrant model pussy….cuz the shitty whores get left in the ditch or thrown off yachts at rich mafia bachelor parties….

Emanuelle Chriqui who is from Canada and who I’ve probably bought discount clothing from her family memebers…cuz those Morrocans come in numbers and love selling designer shit at discount….

Mila Kunis too conservative considering she’s in her panties the whole with Justin Timberlake, who may very well also have a pussy…

Emma Stone….the fake redhead who doesn’t actually have a firy vagina but who I pretend does cuz I like a little fear in my jerking off…

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