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Gabriela Cruz Naked for Erez Sabag of the Day

Gabriela Cruz is apparently a model and she’s naked…which is pretty much standard for models these days…if you don’t get naked, you tall skinny bitch, you’ll never make it in LA, or wherever the fuck these were shot, because no fashion brand likes a girl who doesn’t have at least one titty pic in her portfolio book, it shows that they aren’t flexible, open minded, or stupid enpugh to believe a photographer when he tells her that he’s making “Art”…because anyone with half a brain knows art doesn’t exist and is instead a massive fucking scam…

I’ve never heard of her, but I wonder if she’s Penelope Cruz’s bootleg sister who moved to LA…in hopes of being famous on her own…because Penelope can’t have all the family glory..or maybe Cruz is just a pretty spanish name, and there are probably 10,000,000 CRUZ’s in the world….not including TOM…and she’s just some tits making art…getting famous…who cares.

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