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Gabriela Rabelo for Miz Couture Lingerie of the Day

Wanna know what the world doesn’t have enough of?

Girls willing to get naked or half naked for very little money in hopes that it leads to greener pastures.

The funny thing is that I’ve seen so much of this shit…and despite all the butt pics being produced on a daily basis for girls or by girls on social media. I still haven’t found the butt pic I’m looking for.

That’s some philosophy right there…

Her name is Gabriela Rabelo – these are for something called Miz Couture Lingerie…

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Gabriela Rabelo Lovely for Macy’s Lingerie of the Day

This Brazilian Model Is Awesome…even in shitty underwear shoots for Macy’s that remind me of jerking off to the Sears catalog in an era before the Internet….only with a lot less anxiety…because my foster mom won’t get mad and make me do borderline criminal things to me…to punish me when she gets home from working at the diner when she finds her Sears Catalog desecrated, violated, raped by someone who isn’t even her biological son…

I really hate lingerie catalog shoots….and I always have…with their edited nipples and mall family portrait quality….but it is the Holidays and time for all the stores to push this shit like it is crack cocaine to all the useless husbands who don’t know what to buy their wives they hate…..but this Gabriela Rabelo makes this Macy’s shit worth lookin’ at….

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