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I am – Pink is a Man in a Dress of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Here are some pictures of Pink at the Gas Station, because she’s the kind of girl you’d expect to see pumpin’ gas, and by pumping gas I mean jerking off her massive cock, so seeing her in a dress throws me the fuck off, but I always get a little uncomfortable when I see guys in women’s clothing, I’m old school like that.

Speaking of being thrown the fuck off, I met a group of Jewish girls at a coffee shop the other day and apparently Jewish girls think celebrity bloggers are famous. They are in their 20s and studying in University and they are all girls you’d probably get circumsized and denounce Jesus for, which isn’t saying much because you like any female attention you can get and cutting off your foreskin is a small sacrifice you’re willing to make to get you pussy. Either way, now I’m at all these college parties and answering facebook messages from random hot sluts all fuckin’ day, and realize why the Jews are so successful, they slow the non-Jew down, like some sort of evil trick to help them take over the world.

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