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Gay Amputee Singing Mariah Carey’s Obsessed of the Day

I am all for disabilities, if anything being a gay amputee would be an asset in the gay world. Mainly because gays will bang anything they can get their dicks inside and really all homie needs is an asshole and he’s good to fuckin’ go. But also because gays are always into freakish fetish shit, from wearing assless pants in public to other shit sexual deviants hustle, because if they wanted Disney sex they’d be straight, married and have kids. They wouldn’t be jacked on coke, poppers, MDMA, Viagra and GHB at 7 am Saturday morning in a bath house fuckin’ and getting fucked by 12 dudes they don’t know…

I am not for fans singing along to their favorite song badly. Shit’s a pet peeve of mine. So homie should keep this act for Gay Karaoke and keep it off the internet, mainly because people are just going to pass this shit around laughing at the poor motherfucker who’s already been wronged by God and doesn’t need to draw more attention to himself, but also because he’s no good. Enjoy.

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