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Leann Rimes Has a Gay Husband of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

So it looks like Leann Rime’s husband is more ladylike than she is. The reality is that girls love gay dudes and they dream about their gays that they shop and get the hair done with were straight on the regular, because they are just the best kind of guy there is. So when a gay denies his sexuality in exchange for living in the limelight with glamorous lifestyle with all the designer clothes, spa days and fancy dinners his gay hearts desire, it makes sticking their dick in a pussy a hell of a lot easier. It’s one of those close your eyes and hope for the best kind of things, with a major upside. It’s a lot like that time you let a dude suck my dick for coke and I am not judging because one slip up doesn’t make you a fag. I have always been in the school of thought that if push comes to shove and it’s a matter of survival, people have to do what they have to do and we all have the capacity to do things we hate doing. It’s the same reason people work shitty jobs to get buy or marry a slut they hate cuz her disability checks pay the rent. I guess repressing your sexual orientation for the acceptance of your family, or for the fabulous lifestyle only a successful country singer can give you, is worth it but since you’re too scared to follow your heart you’ll stick to jerking off to gay porn the rest of your life and never actually biting the bullet, and by bullet I mean random cock in the bath house, because like Leann Rimes’ boyfriend it’s easier to play straight even if you have a deep rooted need to dance.

The paparazzi made me take the pics down, but found one of them here

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