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Gay People Beat Up Old Ladies of the Day

I was just sent this video at some Prop 8 gay marriage conference where some old lady showed up with a cross protesting against the protest and the gays stomped the yard out her cross. They are such a violent people, to think all these years I thought gay people were hair dressers and actors who were in touch with their emotions, cried a lot, threw its when they didn’t get what they want, and most importantly have all night anal sex orgies with other men, when in reality they are just a group of thugs who attack crazy ucking ladies. I heard that they weren’t mad at her antics, cross or protest, but couldn’t believe she wore that shirt with that skirt…..

Speaking of Gay marriage, I was talking to a couple friends the other day about incest and we were wondering if with this new prop 8 law, that isn’t going to be passed, but provided it was passed, will men from the same family be allowed to gay marry each other, since they can’t make flipper babies, like incest marriages of the past. I guess it doesn’t matter now that that fight is over, but it’s just something to think about….

Another thing I don’t get is why the fuck a homo would want to marry his partner and have the princess fairy tale wedding he always dreamed of as a little girl, when being gay was all about not being married. Guys never want to get married, gay or straight, we only o it because we are pressured to and the whole history of gay, involved married dudes would tell their wives they were going bowling with the boys back in the 50s, when they were really playing with other balls, so the whole gay marriage thing makes no sense to me.

It’s an old story….but here’s the video of the stomping going down…I hear they are already working on the musical version of this.

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