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Gemma Arterton Cleavage for Byzantium of the Day

I have never heard of Gemma Arterton or Byzantium, but apparently, it is a movie, and she is in it, and these are the promo pics, and she’s in her lingerie, and that may be all we need to know.

I have actually done posts on her before so I lied, I have heard of her, And seen her tits, but I don’t remember that shit I did this morning, let alone posts I’ve done in the past, I’ve been at this too long, and all titties are starting to look the same…

Even if some titties deserve more love than I give them, like these Gemma Arterton titties…in movies with stupid names…

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Gemma Arterton in DT Spain of the Day

Gemma Arterton is a babe…..she’s in the new Henzel and Gretel movie that is apparently changes lives according to the people who are behind the movie….while no one else I know has seen or cares about its existence…but they should cuz this Gemma girl and more importantly her awesome tits….are gonna be in it…and that is usually enough to motivate you to stream the shit for free…cuz this is the internet motherfuckers and I am the only asshole who still pays for movie…but I only do that cuz I rob my wife for the money…and I figure it’s more fun to pull a peewee in public than on my computer that I’m on all day anyway…..

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Gemma Arterton’s Ass in Tamara Drewe of the Day

I already posted some Gemma Arteron Sex Scene and I’m at it again…

I guess I’m officially a fan of her body of work…and by body of work I mean her body….in all it’s doughy goodness…I mean she’s not horrible, but horrible is a relative term when you hate everything….

If you’re interested, here’s the trailer of this romance comedy crap…cuz you like your sex scenes with a backstory you can relate to, you’re emo like that, homo.

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Gemma Arterton Topless in Some Movie of the Day

I’ve never heard of this Gemma Arterton bitch because I am not from the UK, but apparently she was in Prince of Persia, a movie I pretended never happened, after my ridiculous altercation with homosexual and emotional freakshow Jake Gyllenhaal, when he went nuts in my face and pushed around the girl I was with after I mocked him for killing Heath Ledger as he danced on a table in a retaurant like some kind of showgirl….when no one else was galavanting like his insecure, weasel pussy self….it was pretty much the peak of this site…cuz every high powered attorney and publicist in hollywood was sending me emails to pull the story and they even paid E! to try to spin the story to make me look bad, and obviously it worked, cuz that’s Hollywood…straight bullshit fed to the masses….I can’t even believe people think the twitter accounts of these celebs are actually the celebs…it’s all fucking lies motherfucker….

But enough about that, we don’t need to relive the past, let’s focus on Gemma Arterton getting naked in some movie called The Disappearance of Alice Creed, which I doubt was on your “Movies To Watch” list, but if it was, I’ve saved you the time, energy and money….cuz here are the good parts….

Gotta like any girl starting out who is willing to get naked and fuck on camera for a little money and exposure….masked as trying to expand her career and depth as an actor…when really she’s just being a slut…

Here’s the first clip….

Here’s the second clip….

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