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The Paris Hilton Generation Booty Shake Video of the Day

This video was sent to me and it’s a couple of girls who look like they are between 15 and 19, but for the sake of this post, it was their 18th birthday last week, not that I should worry about posting illegal kiddy porn shit since it is hosted on YouTube making YouTube the kiddy porn peddlers and not me.

Either way, they are doing a booty shake to the song Put it in Your Mouth like they are in one of those hip hop music video that they were raised watching and they are showing off their panty asses like it aint a thing and that’s the kind of liberal thoughts I like seeing the girls of tomorrow have, because let’s face it, there’s no big deal in showing some ass but the girls of my generation seemed to think there was, but that probably just had something to do with me repulsing them.

Teenage pregnancy may be an epidemic today because of Jamie Lynn Spears and the movie Juno, but it was around back in my time, I just wasn’t the one knocking the bitches up. So I guess we shouldn’t blame Paris Hilton and her sex tape for sluts of tomorrow and we shouldn’t be blaming hip hop for objectifying women, we should just blame digital video cameras and the internet for making the sluts more accessible to us, and by blame I mean write a letter thanking the companies for making is possible.

BONUS (That isn’t really a bonus) – Here are some pictures of Paris Hilton slutting out in a club in Boston like the cokewhore that she is….you know letting her little push up bra wearing tits bust out of her dress while holding a mic like we care what she has to say….or sing…or do whatever the fuck this waste of space is doing…..

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