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Some Bitch I’ve Never Heard of Named Genevieve Jones Nipple Slip of the Day

This is one of those things where I don’t really care who’s nipple is falling out of her shirt just as long as a nipple is falling out of a shirt..you see when this happens in everyday life, I don’t run up to the cunt and demand ID to see if I am still interested, I just follow her home, climb into her basement window and wait until nightfall….

If these pictures were any hotter, I’d take the time to figure out who Genevieve Jones is, but since I’m lazy let’s just make up a story about her and that story is that she was created when Tommy Lee Jones and Tom Jones and Mr Jones and from that horrible Counting Crows song and Indiana Jones had a gangbang with Grace Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones ….while James Earl Jones jerked off in the corner to Bridget Jones’ diary while Norah Jones sang bullshit emotional songs she was too young to even grasp the meaning of….to set the fucking mood.

Pics via Bauer

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