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Gertrud Hegelund Nipple for Elle Australia of the Day

Gertrud Hegelund is a danish model living in New York and she is in a recent issue of Elle Australia. I guess that is considered making fucking moves…because first you start with Australia and then you take on the world…even though I’ve never heard that ever…except maybe with Steve Irwin, but look where he ended up…dead.

Either way, I think I can see her nipple. Which isn’t a big deal for anyone, especially not a model, who’s career is based on being willing to get naked in camera…because lets face it, it is just a nipple, even if all the girls you ask for tit pics freak when you ask for one…since you aren’t a photographer on set for a magazine, where any girl would take their top off because that’s the scam with photography…it’s modern day puppet mastery…

I’ve never heard of her before, but I think I like her…especially in this hot cowboy shoot…

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