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RIP Motherfucker the Dead Cheerleader Edition of the Day

Here’s an uplifting story for you.

This 21 year old died of a drug overdose the other day. She took GHB or GBL the core of GHB and did what my GHB friends call wiping out. Now her mother’s trying to ruin the party for the rest of us by getting the government in the UK to ban the shit that you can easily and legally buy off the internet there, which I think is amazing.

They say that this girl didn’t know she took the drug, but it was in a drink that she drank, I call lie, but GHB in unsuspecting drinks is the foundation of my pickin’ up girls game.

I get it, you’re sad your daughter died, but do you really need to fuck with how a lot of us get laid and how a lot of us have a good time. Do you have to rain on our gay pride parade because GHB is a cheap fun high and I am saying that after a good friend of mine had to be revived after taking two viles of the shit a couple years ago, because I respect that we all gotta go sometime and we can all make the decisions in life that can speed up the process….

Point of this is to say, just because you feel pain and loss doesn’t mean you gotta try to change the fucking world and leave some impact in her name. You don’t need to make us all suffer just cuz your daughter died. People die everyday and that’s like a parent banning cars because their kid died in a car accident, or banning cancer because they had childhood leukemia…people die.

Maybe if you were a better mother, your daughter would have made better judgement call and hung with people who didn’t fuck with drugs or parties. Maybe the real thing that needs to be banned is you. I’m not pointing fingers here, I’m just saying “KEEP GBL ALIVE!!!”

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