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Ghetto Fights Live From The Motherfuckin’ Projects of the Day

This video is fucking hysterical. It is live from the Motherfuckin’ Projects and two ghetto bitches are goin’ at each other. One of them is topless, possibly pregnant, and she pulls out her fuckin’ tits while fighting with a bitch…..She gets her shirt back on, she rips a homie’s chain of and next thing you know he’s beating the fuck out of her and she’s topless again. The whole thing is fucking amazing.

People all bitch about being poor and desperate and suffering in America, you know being forced to revert back to tribal instinct to survive, but shit is a lot of fuckin’ fun, the only crazy shit that happens in rich neighborhoods is anorexia, adultery and the gardener making too much noise with his leaf blower, and maybe the occasional all night teenage cocaine sex parties when their parents are in Florida for the weekend, which is alright, but way less authentic than this and really how ghetto can they possibly be if they are recording the shit…. Enjoy.

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