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Gillian Zinser Some 90210 Bottome Feeder in Leather Pants of the Day

Her name is Gillian Zinser. She’s some nobody and her biggest accomplishment in her career was that she went from guest appearance on 90210 the Next Generation to being a fulltime cast member something most people would be humilated about…you know if they were serious actors…but instead are just bottom feeding trash who belong on shows like Jersey Shore or The Hills…so this is a nice opportunity cuz it keeps them out of turning to porn…even though the face that 90210 The Next Generation exists is a fucking mystery to everyone with half a brain…..

The good news is that they are already into their third season, which means they will run out of ideas soon and it will be pulled, but in the meantime, here is this bitch in some leather pants, not being as erotic as you’d think leather pants would be, I guess because you’re not there to smell the smells unbreathable fabrics produce…..

Who cares.

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