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Ginger Lee, Weiner’s Weiner Recipiant’s “Work” of the Day

I don’t follow politics or porn, so I wasn’t really keeping track of who that Weiner was sending pics of his weiner to, but someone emailed me saying it was some barely hot, big nosed, trashy pornstar with Daddy Issues named Ginger Lee.

I figured, I’d post some pictures of the trash, because we all need to see what makes a man attempt to ruin his career, all to get off to some porn trash, which I guess teaches us a valuable lesson, that even politicians like fucking enough to go out after the garbage they’ve been jerking off to…..It’s like some Alpha male personality trait that got them into a position of power to begin with….you know “Take what is yours”….and the whole thing is funny…cuz the bitch isn’t anything special…

I mean shit, he might as well been sending dick pics to someone of value, not some hooker nonsense tryng to get in the press to stand out amongst other whores but what it comes down to is who really gives a fuck who sends dick pics to who…lets just hope it motivates some bitches to send sex pics to me….cuz the congress man is doing it…

I’m sure that’ll work. It’s the same reason I drink and drive and rape immigrants in exchange for their papers….Doesn’t everyone live their life the way they see their congressman live his….Obviously….

Next time dude should find a bitch who isn’t an aspiring pornstar to fuck with. Life lesson.

Watch her acting, look at her pics. This bitch sucks, but you’ll like her cuz she’s naked.

I’d post her real hardcore shit, but this is a family establishment. You can just google those.

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